Do You Have Bad Credit & Need A Car? 

Do you have bad credit, upside down in finances and have run out of options trying to turn yourself right-side up again?  Look no further than Pine Belt Auto Loans!  We specialize in working with everyone, no matter what your financial and personal situations are.  We are here for you to assist in making your life a little easier and enjoyable.  These days, it is most important for everyone to possess a vehicle.  Whether it be for the purpose of driving your children safely to school, transport yourself to work or even a spontaneous road trip, you must have a vehicle!  We are the #1 credit source in Toms River and America‚Äôs largest network of financing customers who have bad credit!     

How Pine Belt Auto Loans Can Help With Your Bad Credit Auto Loan

So how do you go about purchasing a vehicle when you have little, bad or no credit, you ask?  Turn your attention towards Pine Belt Auto Loans.  We crush our competitors by treating everyone equally, regardless of their financial situation.  Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to buy or lease a car, and we are here to provide our expertise on the matter.  We promise to assist you to the fullest extent with our expert auto loan consolidators.  Here at Pine Belt Auto Loans, we retain the largest selection of banking and lender options that specifically are aimed at people that have little, no or bad credit.  It is not unheard of to be turned away from a dealership when you do not have good credit.  Our mission is to prove your biggest fears wrong; we will never turn you away!


Over 2M in Available Funds To Lend for Bad Credit Auto Loans

Can you believe that every month, our incredible company has approximately $2 million dollars in available finances to lend to our prized customers?  It is impossible to give up hope on purchasing a vehicle with statistics like that!  Whether you have become a victim of bad credit or just made some poor life choices, our experts provide stellar business practices to go the extra mile for you and provide you with lenders that are ready to assist you.  We are even willing to put you in a brand new car.  Used cars are available as well, but you can aim higher and we will help deliver you there. 

Why Choose Pine Belt Auto Loans in Toms River New Jersey

Why choose us?  We have a huge understanding of the fact that things in life happen.  That is no reason to give up on the necessary and even finer things in life.  We beat our competitors by offering the biggest selection of lenders and banks that are willing to work with you.  We cannot be beat!  You can even contribute to the ease of this process by doing your own research on your credit score and providing the necessary documentation.  It is important to us that you feel you have a significant hand in the development of purchasing a vehicle, not just giving all your control to a dealership or auto lenders.  We are here to remind you that you are unquestionably more than just your credit score and have the right and possibility to enjoy a car here at Pine Belt Auto Loans.

Apply Below If You Need To Be Approved for A Bad Credit Auto Loan

Please locate the online fillable forms provided for you.  After your submission, your information will directly be routed to our Finance Department and then reviewed by a member of our staff.  The final step is to step up a complimentary 15 minute appointment with you to reveal your present financial options with the main goal of putting you in a car!  You are not your past nor your credit score, so come on over to Pine Belt Auto Loans and let us handle the rest.

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